Contact-less Queue Management System


Contact-less Queue Management System

SmartQ is cloud-based queue management system to help people keep social distance during this coronavirus pandemic.

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About Us

SmartQ is a queue management system that allows businesses to handle customer queues smartly and comply with government Social Distancing regulations.

SmartQ is an intelligent and cloud-based system that manage customer queues in real time. Our Operation Insights can help you keep your service running safely and efficiently during this difficult time.

Reusable ticket

How does it work?

Setting up smartQ takes less than 2 minutes, all you need to do is :

Step 1

Sign Up

Sign up with your Email and Name.

Sign Up
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Step 2

Set up your business

Setup your branch, create Employees and no. of queues you require. You can set up SmartQ either on a Tablet or Place QR Codes near the main door, to allow customers to easily book for a ticket once they walk in to your branch. You can also set number of customers allowed inside your branch at a time to keep Social Distancing.

Step 3

Notifying customers

Your customers can choose to get a smartQ ticket on the premises or can book their spot from their home, your can inform customers remotely as to what their current queue status is by SMS or via the mobile app. You can also broadcast a msg to your customer for any information.

No rush at valet desk

Key Features

Improve turnaround time

Social Distance

smartQ helps keep social distance among your customers.

Improve turnaround time

Multiple Queues

Create different queues for people with different needs.

Improve turnaround time

Multiple Language

Our multiple language support gives personalised experience to your customers.

Improve turnaround time

Minimize crowding

Minimize crowding inside your shop by letting fixed number of persons inside while notifying other customers.

Improve turnaround time

Contactless Solution

Your dont need a kiosk to let your customer join the virtual queue. Our touchless solution helps them join the queue and stay safe.

No app required for smart valet

Realtime Monitoring

Monitor your shop footfall in realtime. smartQ helps you make data-backed decisions to improve efficiency.

smartQ demo Video

See how smartQ helps business owners and their customers :

Merchant Journey

Visitor Journey

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